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School Ethos

As an international school in a multicultural society, the school is committed to encouraging Excellence, instilling Global Citizenship, and promoting Social Awareness.


Students learn in a supportive environment where excellence in all areas is encouraged and individual abilities recognised. We provide an academically rigorous programme to ensure students succeed in any setting life may take them. This is balanced with extra-curricular activities rich in arts and sciences giving every student the opportunity to excel in their own niche.

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is implemented through a whole school approach. Diversity is celebrated and appreciation of international culture is strongly encouraged. Our aim is to develop students who are responsible for their actions and its impact on the wider world around them. The school acknowledges the uniqueness of every child to develop their self-worth thus empowering every child to recognise that we live in a multicultural society where everyone is equal.

Social Awareness

In an increasingly interconnected world, the school aims to develop social awareness among students to enable them to make socially responsible decisions. Our goal is to empower our students with the capacity to emphatize with others as well as the global society. This is hoped to develop their emotional intelligence, contributing to their development as whole persons.


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