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Parents' and Teachers' Association

What is PTA? What does it stand for?

PTA stands for Parents Teachers Association. It is an association formed by the school together with teachers and parents to come together to achieve common goals.


So what are the common goals?

In brief, the common goals are:

  • To provide a healthy venue for all to exchange views, discussions and ideas for the welfare of our children
  • To increase parental involvement and participation in all areas of our children’s education
  • To develop and improve communication between home and school
  • To assist and support the school in any way possible
  • To provide for the facility of fund raising in support of our children’s education and learning
  • Provide practical assistance for the successful of the school vision and mission.

More details can be found in SMS International School’s PTA Constitution

Why a PTA? Can't we just assist where needed?

    Yes as parents you are most welcome to assist the school and the teachers in any way possible. However having an official organized team is always more efficient. Team work always gains better results.
    The existence of a PTA is crucial in the balance of the education of our children. For us to be able to provide the best education, we need to work jointly. Having a PTA allows both parents and as well as teachers a venue to be able to work towards achieving the common goal of providing a well rounded education to our children.

I am being invited to join as an office bearer? What is that? (Committee members)

    An office bearer is also a member of the SMS International School’s PTA who is given specific duties and assigned roles within the PTA Committee itself. Office bearers hold different roles from the other ‘ordinary’ members of the PTA. Office bearers are considered the “officers in charge” of the whole PTA.

Sounds interesting but what is my role as an office bearer?

    More details are stated in our Constitution. As an office bearer within the PTA Committee, you will be elected to take on the one of the following roles:

    • Chairperson
    • Deputy Chairperson
    • Secretary
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Assistant Treasurer
    • One of 9 Ordinary Office Bearer Members


How long do I need to serve as an office bearer in my elected position?

    The term of membership for elected persons (Office Bearer) is two (2) years and then shall retire. Again more details can be found in our Constitution.

Can I resign from my post as an office bearer?

    Yes, you may resign from your elected post anytime, however we request that you provide your resignation in writing one (1) month in advance to the Committee.

How are the office bearers elected?

    Office Bearers (Committee Members) are elected by the other members of the PTA during the PTA’s Annual Meeting.

How will I know what post (as an office bearer) I will hold within the committee?

    Once you are elected, you will be informed officially by the Chairperson of your post, duties and responsibilities.

Can my spouse join or join on my behalf?

    No, this invitation to join as the PTA’s Committee member extends to certain members only. Your wife/husband is not permitted to join on your behalf nor can he/she join to replace you.

Will it take up much of my personal time?

No, it will not take up much of your personal time. Meetings are only held once every three (3) months to discuss any issues on the agenda. In between these times, the Chairperson may call for meetings should the need arise.  

So who else can join this PTA?

SMS International School PTA is open to ALL teaching staff currently employed by the school AND ALL parents who have children currently enrolled on our school register.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact either the Principal or the Deputy Principal for further clarification.



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