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Primary Years Programme

Our Primary Years programme is designed recognising the universal need for rigorous academic standards to create both academic and personal success. At the core of the curriculum is a solid foundation of traditional subjects such as mathematics, science, and language. The Primary Years programme provides intellectual stimulation in an atmosphere that encourages the desire to succeed.

The Primary Years programme aims to:

1. Develop higher level thinking skills: creative, logical and critical thinking

Topics and areas of learning are taught using textbooks, the constructive usage of IT and the traditional hands -on approach. All teaching are geared towards fostering independent learning in our children. Situations and opportunities for further learning are always recognised by our staff and by recognising such, it creates a platform for children to develop thinking at a higher level.


2. Encourage appreciation for Arts and Music

As a school, we not only concentrate on academia, but we strongly uphold our place in the arts and music world. We recognise that not all children may be academically inclined, thus offering them an additional avenue of learning and to develop themselves artistically.


3. Refine communication and social skills

In accordance with our school’s vision, we aim to produce and educate children to become independent people in this ever changing world. We recognise that in this constant flux of change, we must equip all children with proper social manners, social skills in communication. Many may think that such are basics, however in our high tech savvy work, children are growing in a world where basic communication such as face to face conversations become a rare occurrence. It is our job in our school, to educate them in the proper ways of proper communication, socially acceptable skills and actions.


4. Nurture positive self-image, health, and physical development

It is our aim to produce children who not only excel in academia but children who grow to become confident and healthy adults in both the mind and the physical body. The importance of these attributes in children are slowly gaining recognition worldwide.


5. Instil positive social values:Social Awareness, Cultural Sensitivity, and Global Citizeship

In our school, it is believed that an educated child would encompass qualities that extend beyond the education institution and its norm. An educated child would have social awareness and is sensitive to the environment around him/her. He/she is also readily acceptable in the differences in culture and individual beliefs. Our student would recognise that he/she is part of this global world and that he/she must take on social responsibilities to ensure a peaceful and safe world.

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