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We would like to share with our valued parents ongoing and upcoming improvements happening around our school:

Traffic Flow and Car Park

We are currently consulting with the Traffic Division of the Royal Brunei Police Force in improving the traffic flow in and out of our campus especially during peak hours. For the time being, we would like to request our dear parents and guardians to please be mindful of others in terms of road use and car parking.

We have communicated with government authorities to allow us access to vacant lands around our school for us to improve it as additional car park spaces for parents use and help ease traffic congestion during peak hours. We have yet to receive any response in regards to this. We highly encourage parents to contact us if they are able to facilitate this for us.

Courtyard Extension and Improvement

If you have visited our school at the beginning of the year, some of you may have noticed our new courtyard with shade sails. Your children have been enjoying this tremendously. This is still a work in progress as we are upgrading our facilities in stages to avoid class disruptions. The area around the courtyard will have a grassy patch, nature strip, and flower beds. This will minimise dust and create a more positive atmosphere.


We are continuously working with our cleaning contractor to provide clean and fresh smelling toilets for our students. Due to heavy usage at breaktimes and dismissal, toilets are not always in pristine condition. To help alleviate the situation, we have assigned toilet wardens from our contractor during peak hours to maintain cleanliness of our toilets.

English Standard

In keeping with international standards, we are actively recruiting native English speaking teachers from the United Kingdom, North America, and Australia. We will also conduct Accent Neutralisation Workshops for our current teachers.

Classroom Facilities Upgrade

During the March school holidays, all our classrooms will be fitted with interactive whiteboards technology, and audio visual systems. Beginning Term 2, your children will be studying with world-class facilities and the world-class Cambridge syllabus.

Students’ Safety and Welfare

With your children’s safety in mind, we will be enforcing dedicated pedestrian crossing within the school compound and putting up access gates to common student areas. A few car park spaces will be affected by the change but we are working on allocating additional car park spaces in and around the school. We ask for parents’ cooperation and understanding during this transition period.

Open Spaces and Sports Field

We will be reclaiming our backfield to convert it into a multi-use sports field and safe open spaces for our students to use.

Improvement works will be carried out through the year whenever possible to avoid disruptions in normal classes. As always, we ask for parents support and kind understanding as we continuously improve our school for your children’s benefit.

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