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Early Years Programme

Our Early Years programme is designed as a gradual introduction to life-long learning and formal instruction. Children from ages 3 to 5 yrs are eligible for admission in our Early Years Programme. It encompasses three levels:

Kindergarten 1 

Young children at the age of 3 undergo the magical years. This particular year, they begin their first steps in their learning and academic world. At this level, we introduce the skills our young children will need to be life-long learners. They are taught the real basic skills needed to learn in structured language, physical skills, social interaction skills, skills to cope and deal with emotions and skills that will assist them with higher cognitive learning.

We want our young children to become lifelong learners, to nurture them to be creative people, to have the skills to solve problems and adapt to situations in our ever changing world. In our school, such crucial learning takes place in a safe, structured, enjoyable, fun and loving environment.

In brief, our program at this level, is all about play. Play is the pillar of all learning that takes place. Play is the most important mechanism in early childhood because it helps prepare a child for school, thus further learning. Engaging in playful activities helps to nurture social and language skills, it helps in the physical development, it creates opportunities to hone the numerical and mathematical skills of children.
Through play, children not only learn many and varied new skills, but also develop self-esteem which is essential in a globalised world.

In our school, we respect the child and his/her choices, we allow them to take whichever direction of play that may interest them and we expand on that. It is important to us that we forge a long lasting learning relationship with your child and with you as parents as well.

At this age, there is no right or wrong way in learning.

Kindergarten 2

At the age of 4 years old, young children have begun honing their sense of learning and relating themselves to a school environment. They begin to accept more structure in their daily learning and are more readily able to accept routines set in school and in class.

At this level of preschool, we introduce group learning to our children. Here our preschoolers are presented with opportunities where they learn how to become students. For example, your child will learn how to raise his/her hand, to take turns and in sharing the teacher's attention.

In addition to strengthening socialization and academic skills, we also teach them how to compromise, be respectful of others, and to problem-solve.

Certainly our preschoolers can learn their numbers and ABCs, however at this level, we are still focusing on teaching skills to our children rather than real structured academia. Activities and “lessons” are carried out in a fun and playful way that children would not realize they are actually being taught.

Kindergarten 3

This year is an exciting year of any preschooler. During this year, our little preschooler will graduate with independence and countless skills to aid them in their life long learning/education. They will become independent learners in life.

As this signifies the final year in their preschool education, our young children are gradually trained to adapt to a different set of skills altogether. By now, they would readily accept a certain level of structure in class lessons and activities. They come to a clearer understanding of what school is really about. They recognise that school is an environment where they will learn and grow mentally, physically and emotionally. Here they are more socially confident, have higher self-esteem and relate themselves better to others around them in their environment.


The levels progresses seamlessly from learning through play in Kindergarten 1 to a more formal, structured learning in Kindergarten 3. This helps our students transition from the Early Years programme to our Primary Years programme.

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